Kendra Kramer is a beaut at 13! 


Chesca and Doug Kramer’s firstborn Kendra is officially a teenager! 

The happy parents couldn’t help but share these snaps of their glammed-up daughter Kendra on her 13th birthday.  

Chesca took to Instagram to pen a lengthy letter about her daughter’s growth.  

“Mommy and Daddy have so much advice and guidance to give you. But even at this young age, you have already formed your convictions, your non negotiables, your priorities and your love for Christ and family,” she wrote.  

In another post, the proud mom shared a snap of her daughter donning a white gown.  

Meanwhile, Doug chose a funny reminder for his daughter with a snap of them all dressed up.

“Papa’s always watching. Happy 13th Birthday to my firstborn. I love you Kendra,” he wrote.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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