Bea Alonzo advises Francine Diaz: ‘Wag tayo dun sa mga duwag magpaalam’  


Bea Alonzo is making sure she’s doing her celebrity big sister duties when she imparted this advice for Francine Diaz.  

On Francine’s recent YouTube video, the young actress had a fun and candid conversation with the Kapuso star on her thoughts on career and love.  

When asked for her message on “ghosters” or people who leave their partners without any explanation, Bea said, “Mali ‘yun. Masakit ‘yun. Be man or woman enough to at least break up. Alam mo ‘yun? To say goodbye kasi sana nirerespeto mo rin ‘yung tao kapag iniiwan mo. Bigyan mo ng respeto ‘yung relasyon ninyo.” 

She then added, whether they fell out of love or found someone else, a person should be respectful enough to say goodbye.  

The 34-year-old advised Francine: “Kaya wag tayo ‘dun sa mga duwag magpaalam, ginusto mo ‘yun eh.” 

Bea and her former flame Gerald Anderson made headlines back in 2021 after she aired out her frustrations on their failed relationship.  

“Apart from, of course, the whole infidelity thing and the whole ghosting thing, I think I’m mad at him more because he gaslighted me,” she said in a past interview.  

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