Kris Aquino hopes her body can take medical treatment


Kris Aquino made sure to inform her supporters that she will be off social media as she preps herself for a new medical treatment. 

The host-actress shared that her online break is to ensure that she will be well-rested and stress-free for this treatment that she will try out. 

Though she did not specify what treatment she will get, she shared she is praying that her body will be able to endure it. 

“Off line po muna ako, baka lang magtaka kayo. Kailangan ko maging rested & as stress free as possible until Sunday kasi may susubukang treatment… praying very hard na kayanin ng katawan, kasi ito yung magiging paraan para mas maging okay ang quality of life ko,” she said. 

Kris added that the procedure requires three days of rest before and after, while the treatment itself will take more than four hours. 

“Please wag natin i-claim that I‘ll be healed, ‘wag nating Syang pangunahan. I continue praying for the Faith to continue Hoping that I‘ll get healthy enough for those who still need and love me,” she ended her social media post. 

In a past Instagram update, Kris shared that she has done multiple tests to check if she is a viable candidate for the treatment she wanted to try abroad. She added that cancer has been ruled out, while her kidney and liver function as well as sugar levels are all good. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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