LOOK: Maxene Magalona looks back on her wedding prep days


Maxene Magalona took a trip down memory lane as she looked back on the exciting times when she was prepping for her wedding with husband Rob Mananquil back in January 2018.  

The actress shared a throwback snap of her fitting her wedding dress from Vera Wang. On a social media post, she expressed her gratitude for her mother-in-law Millet Martinez Mananquil for making her dream come true.  

“I remember feeling so elated and blissful seeing myself wear something so delicately beautiful. I’ve always dream of wearing @verawang @verawanggang on my wedding day and it was my sweet mother-in-law @milletmartinezmananquil who made that dream come true,” she wrote.  

On another Instagram post, she thanked her mom Pia for making her Tiffany and Co. Bridal shower possible.  

“To be able to have a bridal shower at @tiffanyandco with the most special women in my life was such a sweet treat. Thank you so much to my Mom @piamagalona for organizing this for me,” she said.  

It was on January 11, 2018 when Maxene and her husband Rob tied the knot with a wedding in Boracay. 

The 35-year-old made headlines recently after netizens speculate that the couple has called it quits already. 

She addressed the rumors by asking her followers not to come for her Instagram page for gossip.  

“It’s not polite to ask about their personal lives especially when you don’t know them personally. And even if you DO know them, you should give them space and wait for them to open up to you instead of prying and wanting to invade their privacy,” she said.  

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