Sharon Cuneta finally brings home stray dog from Olongapo


After the long months of rehabilitating a stray dog she met in Olongapo, Sharon Cuneta’s new fur friend “Pawi” is finally with her in Manila.  

“Guess who’s home?!!! My Pawiboy!!! Just in time for Christmas. He is now at our vet’s clinic and when he’s given the go-signal and has rested a bit, he’s coming home to meet his fur-brothers and sisters. His bed is reading and waiting. We are all so excited!!!” she wrote in a social media post.  

The veteran singer-actress looked overjoyed as she was photographed showing her love to her new pet.  

It was in March when Sharon met the stray dog during her for her comeback film, Revirginized. With her social media followers’ help, she was able to locate the pup for rescue. 

“They found you, my doggie that was meant to be mine! I could never stop thinking about you and now I cannot wait to hold you and love you the way you have always deserved to be,” she said in a post.  


Sharon Cuneta gives stray dog she met in Olongapo a home 

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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