Sharon Cuneta orders luxury pet collar for stray dog she adopted


Sharon Cuneta’s new fur baby is up for a life of luxury! 

The Megastar shared that her new addition to the pack will be receiving a designer pet collar she ordered all the way from Italy.  

On Instagram, Sharon excitedly shared that a Louis Vuitton collar is coming for Pawi, the stray dog she fell in love with in Olongapo.  

According to a Louis Vuitton website, the Baxter Dog Collar is priced at US$345 or 16,767 in Philippine peso.

“Pawiboy, your collar is on its way home from Italy. Now I’m just waiting for you,” she wrote.  

Pawi isn’t the only one who’s getting some LV love, Sharon’s other fur baby Bella will receive one, too.  

The veteran singer-actress promised a prince-like life for the stray dog she met while shooting in Olongapo for her comeback film.  

In the sweetest video showing her very first interaction with Pawi, Sharon was cooing to the friendly dog.  

Days after meeting the stray dog, Sharon was set to take him home after being treated by a veterinarian.  

“I will make the rest of your years happy and you will NEVER have to search or beg for food again or a place to sleep where you would feel safe… never have to panic to seek shelter from the rain and other elements… You will become a PRINCE and be loved like you’ve never been loved before,” she promised.  

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