Janus del Prado praises Paolo Contis for taking accountability over breakup with LJ Reyes


Janus del Prado has this to say in reaction to how Paolo Contis broke his silence on his controversial breakup with former partner LJ Reyes. 

Paolo earlier issued an apology to LJ, her kids, and other people who got dragged into the issue after his ex-girlfriend opened up about the split in a virtual interview with TV host Boy Abunda. 

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In the  lengthy Instagram post, the actor also addressed several allegations that came up with the breakup news, such as infidelity and drug use, and owned up his mistakes and actions. 

Paolo, likewise, pleaded with netizens to “direct all your hate and bashings at me”, and not involve any other person in the issue.  

“I will work on making myself a better person and learning from this,” said Paolo. 

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Posting a quote card on his Instagram account, Janus lauded how Paolo dealt with the controversies he’s facing. 

“Taking accountability for your actions shows what you are really made of. It shows character. You didn’t justify your actions nor retaliate,” said Janus. 

“You welcome the trolls and the haters with open arms as long as they don’t attack anyone else involved. You apologized and just let things be, and for that alone, I applaud you. As a friend. Chos.”

According to Janus, meddlers should also look at what the actor did right in this issue.

“Wag lang yung mali ang tingnan nating mga sawsawero. I-recognize din natin yung ginawang tama,” he said. 


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