‘A year in the making’: Camille Prats shares fitness journey


It’s been a year since Camille Prats and her husband VJ Yambao developed the habit of staying fit. 

In a YouTube video, the actress finally revealed how they went through their journey — from what started it to their daily workouts.  

The couple both agreed that making the habit to work out would definitely help with anybody’s fitness goals.  

The mom of three said it took a long time for them to lost weight. What really kickstarted their journey was the pandemic and their desire to be strong and healthy against the virus.  

VJ’s workouts consist of body-building and circuit, while Camille does barre and pilates. With their different workouts, the couple still strives to enjoy working out together at least thrice a week.  

“It took us almost a year to finally shed some pounds at talagang maging halata yung pag-payat or yung pag-lose ng weight but it really took us a lot of time, it took us a year to get here so ibig sabihin talaga nun, there is no such thing as an overnight thing,” she said.  

Watch their video here:  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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