WATCH: Baby Thylane imitates pet dog Pochola in adorable video


Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff shared an adorably funny moment between their baby daughter Thylane and family pet Pochola. 

In a video shared on Nico’s Instagram account, Baby Thylane or Tili was seen feeding her own food to Pochola from her high chair.

She then made the dog sound “Aw! Aw!” after Pochola ate the food off her tiny hand.

“Tilibolz feeding Ate Pochi like her mama wouldn’t see her, and Ate Pochi pretending to be invisible, so basically the same thing!” wrote Nico in the caption. 

Solenn tried stopping their one-year-old daughter from doing it but Baby Tili insisted on sharing her food with Pochola. 

The celebrity couple also shared a “bonus clip” where Baby Tili mimicked how Pochola drinks water. 

“Amazing, I have Pochala #2 at home,” said Solenn. 

Using the hashtag #TheAdventuresOfTiliBolzAndAtePochi, Nico noted that this is the third time that they witnessed the “sibling interaction.” 

The other two videos previously showed Tili inviting Pochola to play with her and help her clean the house.


Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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