Zia Quizon hints at marriage in a poem on dad Dolphy’s 10th death anniversary


Zia Quizon appeared to be hinting at getting married in a poem that she dedicated to her dad, “King of Comedy” Dolphy, on his 10th death anniversary.

On July 10, Zia took to Instagram to honor her late father by posting a throwback photo of them from one of their performances together.

“Dear Papa, How I miss you/ How I wish that you were here/ To walk me down the aisle/And smile/ And maybe shed a tear./ I knew this day was coming/ And I knew that you’d be gone/ But still I hear you humming/ Strumming to a joyful song,” Zia said.

“No, it isn’t how I planned it/ But he’s all I hoped he’d be/ There is family that’s chosen/ And I chose what’s best for me./ Maybe somewhere you are watching/ Over on some distant star/ And I’m sorry you won’t be here/ But the truth is that you are,” she added. 

Alongside the photo of Zia with her father is a photo of two rings and a necklace, with the names “aleksa + zia” written on a circular object next to the rings. 

Zia is the daughter of “Divine Diva” Zsa Zsa Padilla and her late husband “King of Comedy” Dolphy Quizon. The singer-songwriter is also well known for her hit OPM song Ako Na Lang. 

The film icon Dolphy passed away from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on July 10, 2012.