Jackie Forster treasures having all 5 of her children together


Finally, they’re complete.

For celebrity mom Jackie Forster, having all five of her children together is a sight to behold. 

On Instagram, she proudly shared a photo of her kids Jared, Caleigh, Yohan, Andre and Kobe

Her post read: “Birthday Quarantine.. But make it complete #heartisfull.”

Andre and Kobe are her children with then basketball player Benjie Paras. She has three kids — Jared, Caleigh and Yohan with her current husband, Michael Franken. 

The Paras boys have been estranged from Forster for over a decade. They reunited back in 2018. Since their reunion, only Kobe has been present in his mother’s social media posts.

Jackie’s celebrity friends and followers expressed their happiness over the photo, with comments noting that her family is now “complete.” To which she replied, “Finally!”

Her post with all of her kids is considered rare after Andre opted to keep his relationship with his mother private.

In an Instagram post back in 2018, she said she is respecting Andre’s need for space or time. 

“He is an adult and I am respecting his need for space or time,” she wrote.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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