Jackie Forster proud of how sons Andre and Kobe deal with ‘haters’


Celebrity mom Jackie Forster is proud of her two boys Andre and Kobe Paras.

On a lengthy social media post, she wrote about her sons who both grew up achieving their dreams. 

“2 of my 5 are living their dream. No matter how that looks like to other people, no matter which road they took to get there. They are there. 

“They didn’t allow diversions or haters to keep them from achieving what their hearts truly desired,” she wrote.  

The mom of five shared a throwback photo of young Andre and Kobe playing basketball together.  

She advised her followers: “Keep praying ladies and mama’s (and dada’s) and remember, during your journey put no one down intentionally and take opportunities to help uplift others.” 

Kobe then replied to his mom’s touching post, expressing how her happiness is also his.  

Jackie’s sons with former basketball player Benjie Paras were estranged from her for over a decade. They have finally reunited in 2018.  

Back in May of last year, the actress couldn’t help but gush over her five kids finally being together. She has three more kids with Michael Franken. 

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