Alice Dixson: ‘I don’t feel 51’

Alice Dixson is not shy to announce her age, saying she’s “feeling young at 51”.

In an Instagram post of bikini photos, Alice shared one beauty hack of hers, which is getting Vitamin D from the early morning sun. “Take advantage of this offer while supplies last,” she wrote.

Recently, the veteran actress and vlogger decided to share more of her anti-aging tips by inviting her followers to join her #HowToLookYoungerIn30Days challenge.

“My age is no secret at marami sainyo ang nagtatanong kung ano yung beauty secrets ko,” Alice said.

She asked netizens to submit their reasons for wanting to look younger.

One wrote: “I’m 47 years old. Reason why I want to look younger because being a single mom, working hard in my sales job entails a lot peopling. Never gave myself a chance to take care of skin due to my two jobs in life and busy schedule.”

“I’m 41 years old. I’m a cancer survivor and one chemo last April. The side effects of my treatment affected my hair (hair loss), fatigue, dry skin and others. I like to know your beauty tips to help me gain back my confidence.”

Another commenter wrote to Alice: “I’m 42, a single mom to 5 kids. I wanted to look young to feel good about myself. My past relationship has brought me pain and made me lose my self-esteem and confidence. I am a work in progress and this would help me in my journey to become better each day.”

Alice said that she will be choosing five lucky followers among these submitted entries to be included in her vlog and to personally learn her “beauty hacks and face exercises for a slimmer face younger looking neck and jawline.”

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