WATCH: Ruffa Gutierrez’s cute reaction after daughters Lorin and Venice did this TikTok dance

Siblings Lorin and Venice Bektas tried dancing and twerking to this TikTok trend, but their mom Ruffa Guttierez was not having it!

Ruffa’s eldest Lorin recently shared a fun “family bonding” video starring the three of them on the popular video-sharing platform.

In the video, the Love Thy Woman star gamely danced to the hit WAP song by Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion, but was later surprised to see her daughters twerking to it. 

A puzzled Ruffa stopped in the middle of the dancing, while the two daughters teased their mom and laughed at her reaction. 

Video: @loringabriella/Tiktok

Lorin earlier shared a video of her dancing the same song and her mom had the similar reaction, with matching slap on the butt and some nagging. 

Video: @loringabriella/Tiktok

The videos made netizens laugh and both garnered over one million views on TikTok. 


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