Korina Sanchez calls bashers of Kim Chiu, Coco Martin ‘paid trolls’


While netizens continue to poke fun at Kim Chiu and Coco Martin’s effort to air out their concerns regarding the recent shutdown of ABS-CBN’s broadcast operations, TV broadcaster Korina Sanchez defended her fellow Kapamilya artists in a social media post. 

Sanchez alleged that the two artists’ bashers are “paid trolls” invested in by the supporters of the current administration. She advised her followers that the only way to handle them is to engage or ignore. 

“To engage is to simply speak back for everyone else to see what trash they are. Otherwise, deadma,” she explained. 

The Rated K host admitted that even though Kim and Coco were not able to express themselves coherently, their hearts were in the right place. 

“Right meaning, opposite of wrong. And you know what’s wrong? The ABS-CBN sudden — unceremonious, sinister, unethical, despicable, abhorrent, inconceivable, wicked — closure,” she stressed. 

“So sa harap ng Batas ng tao o Batas ng Panginoon, panalo si Coco at si Kim. Yun lang,” she ended. 

In the comments section, a netizen seemed to hit Sanchez’s nerve when they told her to shut her mouth instead. 

“Mag exercise ka na lang diyan tikom mo bibig mo,” the netizen said. 

Korina, seemingly provoked by the response, called the netizen a “loser.”

“Exercise? Oo nag eexercise ako. Exercise ko ngayon bibig ko ha: Bobo ka. At bayaran. O exercise ko naman daliri ko: LOSER,” she snapped back. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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