K Brosas opens up on her chronic anxiety disorder


Actress and comedienne K Brosas opened up on how she has been coping with her chronic anxiety disorder. 

In an interview early Thursday, she recounted the first time she had a seizure which prompted her to finally visit the doctor. “Ang healthy ko pero di ko na alam anong nangyari sa akin,” she said. 

K was advised to visit a psychiatrist where she gave an account of her life and struggles. 

“Yung buhay ko di naman talaga madali. Yung suppressed palang emotion, suppressed anger, mali pala yun. So yung sa akin nung mula pagkabata hanggang pagtanda,” she said.

“Sabi sa akin ng doctor, you have suppressed depression and you’re suffering from chronic anxiety disorder, pagkatapos yung prescribed sa akin two tablets. Can you imagine two tablets a day?” 

She clarified her medication is not for maintenance but they are to be taken “as needed.”

K described her attacks from chronic anxiety disorder as intense and sometimes caused by certain triggers.

“Nag It’s Showtime nga ako habang kalagitnaan in-a-atake ako,” she revealed.

She admitted that looking back at her struggles, she couldn’t believe she was able to surpass them. K assured that her attacks happen less frequently now. 

If you or anyone you know is struggling with anxiety, depression and having suicidal thoughts, here are the numbers you can call: (02) 805-HOPE (4673) and 0917 558 HOPE (4673) and 2919.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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