K Brosas snaps at netizens for politicizing her ‘Ang mahal ng bilihin’ post


On social media, K Brosas noticed “trolls” under her Instagram post where she shared her sentiments on the price increase of goods.  

The comedienne’s post showed a photo of her falling in line at the grocery store.  

Her post read: “Ang mahal ng bilihin! Lahat na lang nagmamahalan… Ako na lang hindi shutanginamez! Because?? Chos! Habanaysdey.” 

Just hours after her post, she said Instagram users without any followers or real usernames flocked to her post to insist that her post was politically motivated.   

“Pinipilit na maging political ang post kong to.. Hellooooo?! Mahal naman talaga bilihin ngayon,” she wrote.  

She then said that she would block those who left rude remarks under her post.  

Other netizens echoed K’s sentiments and were confused as to why there were negative reactions to her post when prices of basic goods did increase.  

Late January, President Rodrigo Duterte set a price ceiling for pork shoulder, pork belly and dressed chicken. Executive Order No. 124 seeks to ensure that basic necessities are “adequate and affordable.” 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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