LOOK: Sharon Cuneta shares a glimpse of future home


Sharon Cuneta took to social media to share a first glimpse of her family’s future home. The veteran singer-actress said the design of their soon-to-be house prioritizes their family’s fur babies. 

Sharing a computer-generated video of an area of her home, Sharon promised her Instagram followers that she will be giving them a proper tour once it is built. 

She then said that their new home will house her chow chow, KC’s chow chow and shih tzu, and Frankie’s two beagles. Sharon said their fur babies will have a grooming area and a playground.

“I think one of my callings aside from supporting rescues is — TO BREED MY FAVORITES! To sell. Something to look forward to when I retire,” she said. 

Sharon disclosed that she has reduced the original size of her future home’s floor area.

“To me this is the right size okay? Magkakaiba ang sa tingin natin ay ‘tama’ kaya don’t judge me please ha? Remember — we all have different realities. What is normal to you may not be normal to me, and vice versa,” she explained. 

She also shared that the construction for her house has already started and that it would take around two years to accomplish. 

“Di na ako masyado siguro nagtatrabaho non. Ang ganda,” she shared. 

Recently, the Megastar released the first episode of her online show on YouTube. She kicked off her pilot episode informing her viewers of the COVID-19 situation in the country. 


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