Sharon Cuneta starts online show with sentiments on COVID-19 crisis


On Tuesday, veteran singer Sharon Cuneta released the first episode of her online show on video-sharing platform YouTube. 

The Megastar revealed that she taped the pilot episode last July 30. She started off her video, informing her viewers of the COVID-19 situation in the country during that time. 

“Lumalakas pa po siya, yung mismong virus. Aside from staying at home, maybe we should really follow the rules. Wear your masks, please,” she said.

She then explained that wearing masks is not just for the person wearing it, it is also for the protection of other people. 

“Remember, lagi rin pong maghugas ng kamay na 20 segundo,” she reminded her viewers while demonstrating the correct way of handwashing.

Sharon said that the rise of COVID-19 patients all over the world is alarming but thankfully, many are recovering from the disease. 

“It’s time to hold on to the higher power we believe in. This is something we cannot fight as human beings and just to give us a little hope also, our God is bigger than this virus,” she said. 

She continued to assure her viewers that advances in science and medicine will hopefully come up with a vaccine or “something that can make us live with this.”

“Napaka sakit man po but we are going to get through this as human beings. The human race, I think and I believe, has not gotten this far just to fall and disappear,” she said. 

On August 4, the Department of Health confirmed 6,352 COVID-19 cases. The total number of cases in the country is 112,593.

Watch her video here:


Rossane Ramos
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