Sharon Cuneta opens up about brief separation from husband Kiko Pangilinan


“Megastar” Sharon Cuneta shared that she and her husband Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan went through a brief separation but have since reconciled.

The veteran singer-actress went on Instagram Live with her family—Kiko, Frankie, Miel, and Miguel—to welcome 2024 and extend greetings to everyone who continues to support and love their family.

Addressing some negativity, Sharon clarified that there was nothing wrong with their family and stated that they are normal people with emotions.

She asserted, “And for the record, ain’t nothing wrong with any our brains. We good, we normal, we just got some emotions cause we real people. I love you all! Merry Christmas.”

Kiko interjected, saying, “Sabi ko nga lahat ng pamilya, lahat ng mag-asawa nangyayari ang tampuhan.”

Sharon went on to openly acknowledge their previous disagreement and separation but reassured them that they had patched things up and are now on good terms.

“Nag-away kami, naghiwalay kami tapos nagbati na kami, so okay na kami, okay?,” the Megastar explained.

She clarified the intention behind her recent posts, stating, “That’s the meaning of all the messages I posted but I’ll clarify, the quotes, all the other posts were for people close to me that I think needed those posts. So, you always assume.”

The family collectively wished everyone a Happy New Year, and Sharon expressed gratitude to her loyal supporters, the Sharonians, who have not wavered in their support.

She also expressed her love for her daughter KC Concepcion, who is currently spending the holiday with her father, Gabby, and sent warm wishes to her.

“Wherever you are KC, we remember you, we miss you Kristina. I love you and see you,” she said.

Frankie also extended her message, saying, “I love you, Ate,” while Kiko added, “We love you.”

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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