Sharon Cuneta lets go of ‘negative and toxic’ people for birthday


Sharon Cuneta is ushering in the new year with a quick getaway just in time for her 55th birthday.  

The veteran singer and actress took to social media to write her sentiments on getting through the trials of the past year.  

“Helped happily as much as I could, got hurt, even by some I trusted and loved most; lost people I loved, lost friends but made new ones. Treasuring my most loyal friends more,” she wrote.  

Sharon said she chose to leave the city ahead of her birthday on January 6 to let go of toxicity and negativity.  

“Needed this. The beach, a pool villa. Heck I deserve this! Nothing like fresh, clean air and a Covid-free environment! Before going back to reality and doing what I can for others,” she said. 

The Megastar explained that sometimes it is important to put one’s self first.  

“Happy boitday to me in a few days! Love you all! May God shower us with blessings and give us strength and faith,” she ended.  

In October 2020, she announced that it was almost time for her retirement. “Mama’s tired,” she told her followers.
Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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