Awra Briguela shares heartwarming birthday wish for ‘mentor, savior, protector’ Vice Ganda


Awra Briguela expressed her gratitude and appreciation for Vice Ganda, who celebrated his 48th birthday last March.

The “Unkabogable Star” celebrated his 48th birthday with his celebrity friends and family at a Balinese-inspired resort in Nueva Ecija last weekend.

In a lengthy, sentimental message posted on Awra’s verified Instagram page, the actress thanked Vice, whom she referred to as her “dearest mother, sister, mentor, savior, protector”, for trusting and believing in her even through “difficult times”.

Her post was accompanied by their snapshots together, taken during It’s Showtime host’s birthday bash, dispersing speculations about Awra’s absence from the occasion.

“I just wanna say thank you ‘cuz I won’t be here where I am right now if it’s not because of you. Thank you for being there when I needed you most especially during difficult times,” Awra told Vice.

The “Comedy Island” star expressed her appreciation for her mentor’s generosity and genuine love.

“You chose nothing but to trust, believe, and see the star in me. I’m very grateful for you being generous and for always giving me nothing but the genuine love, the genuine love that came from a genuine heart,” Awra wrote.

“All that I truly wish for is for you to receive all the genuine love as well and happiness every single day because that is what you deserve,” she expressed in her birthday wish for Vice.

“I also wish that you witness and see me succeed in life. I’ll make you, myself, and everybody proud. Happy Birthday, My Lovely Muder! I love you forever! ?,” Briguela concluded her message.

It can be recalled that Awra was embroiled in a controversial brawl inside a bar last June which led to her arrest for physical injuries, direct assault, alarm, and scandal and disobedience to a person in authority.

She faced three more charges for light threats, grave coercion, and violation of the Safe Spaces Act after posting bail last July.

The incident led to speculations of Vice allegedly dropping Awra as her talent which he had later denied, and further clarified that he will still be supporting her career as her manager.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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