Kim Chiu reflects after first mall visit in months: ‘When will this nightmare be over?’


On Sunday, Kim Chiu took to social media to share her thoughts on her first mall visit in months since the lockdown began. 

The actress paid a visit to celebrity dermatologist Vicki Belo’s Belo Medical Group in Greenbelt, Makati for a treatment. 

“Days ago went to the mall for the first time after months, and it was the fastest malling I’ve ever done less than 30 mins,” she wrote in an Instagram post. 

The 30-year-old said that “things around us are never the same.”

“It is weird. When will this nightmare be over?!!!” Kim asked. 

She admitted that her short trip to the mall brought out the many questions in her mind. 

“Are things going to be the same when this pandemic is done?? When?…. How? So many questions in mind and none of them have any answer,” she said. 

In the comments section of her post, Instagram users made an effort to comfort the Love Thy Woman star. 

“Don’t look for answers. Life begins and ends with God,” a netizen said. 

“Kim, you are basically in perfect health. You eat well, you work out, you take care of your body which is your strongest defense to any virus. Don’t invite unnecessary stress,” another wrote. 

“Soon, just keep you faith up, be optimistic, stay positive and believe everything will turn out great but mostly since everything happens for a reason try to take the lessons from this experience,” a follower assured her. 


Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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