Xian Lim addresses ‘steak rumor’ involving ex-GF Kim Chiu: ‘It’s very absurd’


Xian Lim has officially addressed the so-called “steak rumor” that circulated following news of his split with ex-girlfriend Kim Chiu.

The rumor was ignited by an account from entertainment reporter Ogie Diaz where he alleged that Xian had asked Kim to cook steak for him, and after enjoying the meal, he supposedly broke up with her.

In an interview with the Philippine STAR, Xian firmly denied the story, stating “There’s no truth to it, okay, it’s very absurd… I did not.”

The actor further revealed that he was not the one who initiated their split.

“It’s not possible, ‘di ako yung nag-initiate ng break-up eh,” he told STAR.

Adding fuel to the fire, rumors surfaced that Xian had called Kim to inform her that she could announce his new relationship with film producer Iris Lee.

Xian Lim admits dating film producer Iris Lee, denies third party with ex Kim Chiu

Lim confirmed that he did call Kim after their breakup but provided a different context from the rumors.

“What’s true is that I called Kim. We parted ways then nung mga panahon na yun, may mga lumalabas na nabali-balita…,” the actor recounted.

“It has gotten way out of hand doon sa two weeks (after breakup). So I had to give her a call… this was around November,” he added.

According to Xian, it had gotten to the point that he had to “beg” Kim to release a joint statement announcing their breakup to quell the rumors and protect their families but the actress had supposedly declined.

“I was actually begging Kim that we should release a statement that we have gone on our separate ways, on good terms, walang sigawan, of course, may iyakan like normal human beings but walang masamang tinapay, walang masamang anything, but it was getting out of hand,” Lim said.

“I asked her to and I actually was begging for both of us to release a statement but during that call, she declined,” Xian revealed, “She said ‘in time.’ I guess that ‘in time’ was December before Christmas.”

The actor emphasized that they parted on good terms and that there was no ongoing conflict between them, “Wala naman pong masamang tinapay, pilit lang po kaming pinag-aaway ng, I guess, kung sino man.”

When asked why he was speaking up on the issues, he explained to STAR, “Yun lang po yung pinanghahawakan ko, the truth, these are the things that happened. I wouldn’t say it’s liberating but I think people deserve to know the truth.

Xian expressed his desire to be recognized for his hard work and dedication over the past years, rather than being defined by his recent breakup and the accompanying negative and false rumors.

“Parang I just wanna work. I’ve worked really hard to get where I am today. Fifteen years is no joke so I don’t wanna be defined or maalala ako ng mga tao dahil lang dito sa breakup, because of the negative things, and the made-up things people are saying.”

He emphasized his commitment to his projects and living truthfully, saying, “No. I work hard, I wanna be remembered for the projects that I do and for living truthfully.”

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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