‘It’s time we end the stigma’: Maxene Magalona opens up on coping with complex PTSD


For mental health awareness week, Maxene Magalona opened up on her mental health in hopes of ending the stigma around it. 

“I’ve always wondered why it’s socially acceptable for people with physical illnesses to go to the hospital or treatment while those with mental health conditions have to hide and pretend like they don’t have it?” she asked. 

The actress shared that a couple of years ago she found herself dealing with bouts of anxiety and episodes of rage. 

“I was an adult having embarrassing tantrums but I couldn’t really understand where all the anger was coming from. When I was drunk, I would punch and kick doors, cry uncontrollably and scream as though I was calling out for help,” she said. 

These moments pushed her to quit drinking alcohol and seek psychiatric help. Though she was hesitant to seek help at first, she was determined to find out the root cause of her problems. 

“My therapist helped me figure out that I was experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition known as Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or C-PTSD which is a psychological disorder that can develop due to prolonged and repeated personal trauma,” she said.

Maxene shared that after her diagnosis, she took the necessary steps such as therapy, yoga, meditation and prayer to help her heal. 

In light of mental health awareness week and everything that is currently happening in the world, she said it is time to end the stigma on mental health.

“I believe it’s time we #endthestigma of mental health and start talking about it so that those who need help won’t be afraid to seek it,” Maxene wrote. 

She then reminded her followers that even though their thoughts may be overwhelming, they have the power to heal their past traumas and pain.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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