P-pop Pride: SB19 makes history as first Filipino artist to perform in Japanese show ‘THE F1RST TAKE’


By Lance Joseph Martinez

P-pop sensation SB19 has achieved another milestone by becoming the first Filipino act to perform on THE F1RST TAKE. 

The popular Japanese YouTube channel, a trademark of Sony Music Entertainment Japan, is known for featuring artists who deliver their performances in a “single take.”

The official announcement was made on the channel’s X account, with the performance set to premiere at 9 p.m. on their YouTube channel.

THE F1RST TAKE has previously featured renowned Japanese artists as well as international stars like Harry Styles and V of BTS. 

Fans of SB19, A’TIN, have been expressing their excitement on X.

One user tweeted, “Only knew ‘The First Take’ just now and woah they record performances in ONE TAKE?? And upon seeing the list of artists who were already featured here, SB19 is the first Filipino act!?! Please correct me if I’m wrong pero woaahhhhhh can’t wait! 😱”

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