WATCH: Baby Tali cutely interrupts dad Vic Sotto on live TV


Eat Bulaga’s Bawal Judgmental segment had a cute interruption when Baby Tali walked in to give her dad Vic Sotto a kiss. 

In the clip shared by team_bosleng, a fan account dedicated to the Sotto family, host Vic Sotto can be seen talking to a contestant when his youngest child Tali suddenly appeared in the frame and leaned in for a kiss.

Ciara Sotto, who was also the guest at the show’s Monday episode, went on to gush at her cousin’s special appearance.

Vic, who’s been working from home, then prompted Tali to greet Ciara, whom she endearingly calls “Mama Nene”.

Netizens were touched by Tali’s sweet gesture to her father.

In another video shared by Tali’s mom Pauleen Luna on her Instagram account, the two-year-old looked amused at seeing herself on screen and happily danced to the music played on the noontime show. 

“Someone had fun seeing herself on TV today! And Mama Nene too ?,” wrote Pauleen. 

Meanwhile, Ciara also left a comment on Pauleen’s post, expressing her love for her little cousin. 

“Tali-gurl!!!!! So happy I saw you and got to talk to you even just a bit! I miss you so much! Nene loves Taligurl so so so much!!!” said Ciara.
Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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