Pauleen Luna welcomes second baby with Vic Sotto 


Pauleen Luna-Sotto has given birth to her second baby with husband Vic Soto. 

The celebrity mom took to Instagram stories on Wednesday morning to share a glimpse of their newborn.

“Good morning [heart emoji], read Pauleen’s text on the close-up photo of their baby girl’s lips.

The couple welcomed their family’s newest bundle of joy on Tuesday morning, January 23, as reported by

A day before the arrival of her and Vic’s second baby, Pauleen turned sentimental over her “probably last pregnancy”, sharing a mirror selfie of her flaunting her big baby bump. 

 “Yes, it sure is a sentimental feeling but I feel extremely blessed to be able to carry another child despite my condition. All glory and praise goes to our one and only Lord for blessing us with this child,” wrote Pauleen on Instagram. 

She also penned a heartwarming message to Vic and their firstborn Tali who is now six years old. 

“To my dear Tali, I know this is something new and things might be a little different but know that you will always be mommy’s first. It was just you and me for 6 years and you have taught me SO MUCH. 

“Maybe you would think that often times you needed your mom but it was really me who needed you most of the time. Thank you for giving me purpose and meaning. Thank you for making me a very happy mommy,” said Pauleen. 

“To my ever supportive and loving husband, I am so grateful for you. I look at you now as I type these words and my heart is just filled with love and gratitude. Mahal na mahal kita. Habang buhay.

And finally, sharing excitement over their new baby girl whom she endearingly called “Mochi”. 

“And to my mochi girl, mommy cannot wait to hug and kiss you tomorrow! You are yet another answered prayer in our lives! I’m so excited to make memories with you and your ate and dad. I love you!”

Pauleen, 35, and Vic, 69. welcomed Tali in 2017.

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