Newborn baby named Covid Bryant, trends on Twitter

“Covid Bryant” trended online as a Filipino mom allegedly named her newborn baby after the coronavirus disease 2019’s acronym and the late NBA superstar Kobe Bryant.

A screenshot of a message revealing that their househelp’s daughter gave birth to a baby boy named Covid Bryant during the first day of the implementation of the community quarantine in Metro Manila made the rounds on Twitter on Wednesday.

The text read: “Anak ng teteng! I just found out through FB that the daughter of our kasambahay gave birth this morning, March 15, Day 1 of Metro Manila Quarantine, and named the baby boy COVID BRYANT. Nemen! Kawawang bata ere.”

The message added: “I called up the mother just now and confirmed it’s true. *Slaps head*”

Some netizens found it amusing, while others felt sorry for the baby to be “inappropriately” named after two of year 2020’s “bad news”. 

The world is currently facing the COVID-19 pandemic, with over 200,000 cases and 8,000 deaths. 

Kobe Bryant, on the other hand, died in a tragic helicopter crash last January 26. 

Here are the mixed reactions of Twitter users.

A netizen also imagined how Covid Bryant will be celebrating his 19th birthday.

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