Rabiya Mateo gets kilig over Jeric Gonzales’ surprise ‘proposal’ 


Rabiya Mateo couldn’t hide her kilig after boyfriend Jeric Gonzales made this sweet surprise when he fetched her at the airport. 

Jeric posted on Instagram a video showing him welcoming Rabiya back from a trip with a bouquet of white roses.

The beauty queen-turned-actress was seen going all giddy over the sight of her beau and his sweet gesture.

When they got near each other, Jeric showed a cartolina paper with a question that read: “Will you be my gala date?”

“Bawi-bawi lang yan,” Jeric said in the video smiling, after his almost speechless girlfriend accepted his date proposal to the GMA Gala 2023 happening on July 22. 

“She said Yes!! Thank you sa pagpayag na maging date ko sa GMA, I love you @rabiyamateo,” Jeric as caption. 

“Nakabawi din sa surprise with cartolina,” he added, referring to the similar stunt Rabiya earlier pulled off at the airport when he came from a taping in Siquijor.

“I read somewhere men would receive flowers for the first time during their funeral. Kaya babaguhin natin iyon,” said Rabiya who welcomed Jeric with a bouquet of pink roses. 

Rabiya and Jeric rekindled their romance earlier this year months after breaking up. The two made their relationship public in March 2022. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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