Philmar Alipayo is determined to teach Andi Eigenmann how to surf


This couple finally got their much-needed date day! 

Philmar Alipayo and Andi Eigenmann couldn’t help but gush over the sweet date day they recently had.  

On social media, Andi shared how they finally had an adventure with just the two of them. The couple spent their date day with a boat ride and surfing lessons from her champion surfer fiancé.  

“Papa recently gifted me a new log and brought me on a boat ride to go surfing. Not used to doing activities without the kids anymore, but I keep forgetting that moms need and deserse some ‘me time’ too,” she wrote in the caption.  

The actress then thanked Philmar for their day together.  

Meanwhile, Philmar shared a photo of his wife-to-be with her surfing board.  

“Always been wanting to bring her for a surf like this!” he said.  

The celebrity dad mentioned that he is giving his best effort to teach and improve Andi’s skills for riding the waves.  

“Love you long time my love,” he ended.  

It was in December of last year when the happy island couple revealed that they are finally engaged after two years of being together.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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