Mikael Daez and Megan Young are saying ‘goodbye, Manila’ this 2021


Mikael Daez and Megan Young said their “new normal” plan for 2021 is to leave Metro Manila and experience “probinsiya” living. 

In a podcast titled “Goodbye, Manila! We’re changing our lives forever!”, the husband and wife said that since they’re ending their Manila condo lease by mid-January, they have decided to relocate to Megan’s hometown. 

“We are moving to Subic!” said Mikael. “We’re trying to!”

Megan clarified though that they’re not certain if this “balik-probinsya” move will be for good. 

“I think it’s more of a test run, I would say, kasi hindi pa tayo sure na sure na sure na sure,” added Megan.

But the TV host-actor stressed how serious they are about making the move permanent.

“Just to show you guys how serious we are about this, before shooting this podcast, we came from Subic. We drove up there in the morning, stayed there for around two to three hours just to check out this new place that we’re going to try to rent para may parang trial run kami doon sa Subic. 

“And then after two or three hours there, we drove back here and now we’re shooting the podcast,” Mikael added.

Meanwhile, the former Miss World shared she has big plans for the new place they’re moving into.

“I really want to decorate the place that we move to. Because we’ve been renting this place and it’s been really awesome, honestly. But I wanna make it our own and I want to put little parts of us in our home.

 You know, if we document it, if we take pictures, if we have it on the vlog, nakikita mo na, ‘Ah okay, this is Bonez and Fofo’s (their terms of endearment for each other) house.’ There’s a little bit of us in every corner that you look at,” Megan said.

Mikael said that his wife has been itching to realize her “pinterest” dreams since she couldn’t do that in their condo.

“Because we’ve been renting this condo unit and we’ve been here for 2 years, we’ve refrained from renovating and doing work on the actual structure because we don’t own it… so gigil na gigil na si Bonez magiging plantita and home tita, so in our next place, hopefully, that’s an opportunity that we can give Bonez.”

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