Megan Young, Mikael Daez forget their wedding anniversary 


Thanks to these two’s fans, Megan Young and Mikael Daez were able to remember their second wedding anniversary and exchange sweet messages for each other. 

The longtime couple took to social media to express their appreciation for their fans who reminded them of their special milestone. 

“2 years married and 11 years together. I’ve always got your back as you’ve always got mine. #bonezfofowedding

“P.S. Thank you to everyone else for reminding us because we always forget these things,” Megan wrote for her social media post. 

The former beauty queen shared a black and white snap from their wedding back in January 2020. 

Meanwhile, Mikael joked and assured their fans that forgetting their wedding is ”how we roll and it’s all good in the hood.”

He then shared a snap of Megan dead asleep after their wedding, joking that it’s how she really feels for him. 

“She has fallen and stayed fallen… in love with me! HAHA! But to be honest, I’m just looking for a cheesy excuse to post that picture. And with that, happy anniversary to us! My only message to Bonez is… I shall do my best to make you stay ’fallen’,” he wrote. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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