Miriam Quiambao: ‘I’m positively pregnant!’


“Another miracle ito.”

Miriam Quiambao has happily announced she’s expecting a new baby with husband Ardy Roberto at 45 years old.

“Good news amid the bad news that marked 2020. Grabe yung 2020, we want to end this on a high note and a happy note,” began Miriam’s inspirational speaker hubby in a video clip shared Wednesday on Instagram.

“Thank God because meron siyang naging surprise for us before Christmas actually,” said the 45-year-old host and former beauty queen.

“We are now so excited to share with you the great news that I’m positive! Not of the coronavirus. But I’m positively pregnant!”

As of the date of the video recording, December 26, Miriam said she was eight weeks and six days pregnant.

Miriam has a one-year-old son named Elijah with Ardy. They are also parents to Joshua, 12, from Ardy’s previous marriage.

To recall, Miriam first got pregnant in 2018 at 43 years old, after four years of trying to conceive. 

The couple, who married in March 2014, said in a YouTube video that their new pregnancy journey came as a “very pleasant surprise.”

They hoped that their baby news will encourage other people to keep the faith.

Said Miriam, “Another miracle ito di ba? Imagine 45 years old na ako. One to two percent chance of getting pregnant. Tapos ito wala pang mga workups. Spontaneous pregnancy siya.”

She also hinted that she’s facing the same challenges as before with her first “miracle baby” Elijah.

“I’m really putting my trust in God because I know and I have seen from the past. I remember the times when I was down and out, and yet He saved me, I had nothing and yet He provided for me, I was sick and yet He healed me. So, I’m putting my trust and confidence in Him to heal me once again from this APAS and sustain me again on this pregnancy as He has done before in my first one.”

Watch the pregnancy announcement video below:


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