Morissette Amon is now happily engaged to fellow singer Dave Lamar.

She revealed that the proposal happened a couple of months ago, but they had to inform their families and closest friends first before deciding to “share it to the world”.

The 24-year-old singer wrote: “More than just an 11:11 wish, you’re an answered prayer. I love you @davejlamar, always have and always will. ?

“After finally letting our families and most of our closest friends know in the past couple of months since this happened, we’re finally ready to share it to the world… WE’RE ENGAGED!”

She noted that the relationship milestone happened nine years since they first met and while being best friends for the last seven years.

They are known to be batchmates in the ABS-CBN’s singing competition, The Voice of The Philippines Season 1, in 2013.

“(It’s) our second round at love, each other’s firsts… and now, last and only,” Morissette said.

The Cebuana singer continued: “Thank You Lord for all that you’re blessing us with, keeping us strong and allowing us to live our dreams together… Our love story is great because You orchestrated it, and we’re so excited for this next chapter of our lives. Also, what an absolutely breathtaking sunset you shared with us when DJ decided to surprise me and propose!

“And to the one whom my soul loves, this is it. Even before I knew, God already went ahead and has blessed us in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Our journey wasn’t at all perfect, but it’s beautiful and ultimately, ours. Thank you for staying.”

She thanked Dave for fighting for her, adding that she looks forward to accomplishing more things with him by her side.

“As you used to say ‘endless possibilities!’ and as your song goes, this ain’t ‘Something Only We Know’ anymore hehehe.. It’s definitely a Y E S to a forever with you! ♪+♬.”

Meanwhile, Dave also shared a video of their engagement moment on social media, saying that “a new journey begins” for them.

He recalled how it all started with him having a crush on her, then building their friendship, falling in love, breaking up and getting back together.

“Always had this silent crush on you, but it was really just a sincere admiration. As time went on and our friendship grew deeper I came to this realization that at some point if I ever got into a relationship with someone else, I wouldn’t be able to continue having the same kind of friendship with you.

“I would eventually have to give up the kind of friendship we had….. but I didn’t want to. I took the chance and told you how I felt and to my surprise you felt exactly the same way! Little did we both know the twists and turns that life would take us on. Falling in love. Our hearts being broken. Then having the rare but divine second chance of falling in love all over again!”

He continued, “Honestly, it still blows my mind how much God guided our path toward each other and the things He did to get us to where we are today. And now this. Thank you for saying yes to a lifetime of adventures with me. I adore you with all my heart and I am so blessed and excited that I get to experience the rest of this life with you by my side.

“I know everyone says this, but you have truly been my best friend and my rock, and I am so so excited that I will get to marry my best friend. Morissette, Thank you for being mine! Gihigugma tika.”

In August 2019, Morrisette made showbiz headlines after her father, Amay Amon, posted cryptic tweets about his daughter “eloping” with her boyfriend and hinting as much that he was against their relationship.

In a STAR report, a source close to the singer then denied the eloping or living-in issue but adding that “she’s old enough, and legally of age, to make her own decisions whether professional or personal”.

It’s not clear whether things have been resolved since then, but according to the singer, they told their families about their engagement before making it public.

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