Vicki Belo gets ‘stressed out’ by Melason’s hilarious street food challenge


Comedian couple Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco, known to fans as Melason, dared celebrity doctor Vicki Belo to try out various Pinoy street food staples in a hilarious new vlog uploaded on the latter’s YouTube channel.

Belo, who is Melason’s wedding godmother, invited the husband and wife over to her abode, and they brought with them adidas, betamax, chicken heads, isaw, kwek-kwek, kikiam, penoy and squid balls.

“What is the safest there?” Belo asked.

“Nothing is safe in the world doc,” Jason teased Belo.

The celebrity doctor gamely ate penoy, kikiam, kwek-kwek and squid balls but hesitated on eating isaw (pig or chicken intestines).

“I don’t want to know what’s inside. No, don’t tell me,” insisted Belo as Melai tried to explain what isaw is.

“Ano to? Ang bitter, ano ‘yun? Parang may weird. Nung umpisa okay eh,” Belo said when she finally got to taste it. “Nung kumain ako parang may lumabas after.”

“Pagod na ‘ko! Nakaka-stress ‘to,” she said when Melason challenged her to eat the adidas (chicken feet). 

Eventually, she backed out from eating the chicken feet and asked her husband Dr. Hayden Kho to “save” her.

“This looks really scary. Oh no, I really cannot do this. It’s so scary it looks like a claw, it looks like a hand. Ayoko talaga,” she said.

Hayden, on the other hand, was taken by surprise when he was offered to eat the chicken heads. 

“Ulo ‘to? Kinakain ba ‘yan?” he asked.

“Ang Pilipino doc walang tinitira iyan,” replied Jason.

Watch the hilarious street food challenge here:

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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