Andre Paras defends stepmom from bashers on her birthday


Andre Paras penned a sweet birthday message for his stepmother Lyxen Paras on her special day.

“I’m thankful that we were able to live a private and simple life. I hate how people think they know you and say hurtful and mean things,” the 24-year-old Kapuso actor said. 

“It makes you wonder how in the world people come up with these negative things yet we live a private life,” the actor added. 

Andre continued on to say that if his stepmother was a “bad person”, he wouldn’t turn out how he is right now. 

“No, that’s because you and dad raised me the way a child should be raised. I’m 24 and you and dad support me in moving out but still choose to live under your rook because I don’t want to miss waking up to an amazing family,” he said. 

He assured his stepmom that he would always defend and protect her no matter what people say. 

“I love you and thank you for being my mom,” he ended. 

Andre is the son of former basketball player Benjie Paras with ex-wife Jackie Forster. The former partners have another son, basketball player Kobe Paras.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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