Morissette Amon apologizes for concert walkout


Morissette Amon made headlines last week after walking out of Kiel Alo’s birthday concert, minutes before her guest performance. 

According to Jobert Sucaldito, Kiel’s talent manager, Morrissette could no longer perform because she felt “attacked” by the press. Several viral videos showed the singer walking out of the venue, the Music Museum. 

The interview led by ABS-CBN’s Mario Dumaual inquired about Morissette’s issues with her family. Her father Amay Amon had publicly opposed her relationship with singer and boyfriend Dave Lamar. 

“Took some time to process things despite the schedules before me, but with much prayer and as I have never done this before, please let me start by saying sorry.

“To Tito Jobert, and Kiel Alo who was celebrating his birthday concert at the Music Museum that night, what I’ve done was out of character but I still do take full responsibility. I guess I was also triggered by the surprise interview minutes before performing, regarding the issues between me and my family,” she said in a two-part Instagram story statement. 

“This private matter is something I purposely did not want to openly share for fear that healing might not prosper between us,” she explained further. 

Morissette continued to say that what she has done was not fair to those who expected her appearance. She also apologized to broadcast journalist Mario Dumaual, who “felt bad” about the situation.

She asked for her followers’ prayers for her journey towards healing. 

“I am overwhelmed though by those who reached out to me with love and support, not just these past couple of days but earlier on this year, during this particularly painful season of my life,” she said.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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