Lotlot De Leon asks for prayers for hospitalized father


Seasoned actress Lotlot De Leon has reached out to her fans and the public, asking for prayers for her American father, Donald Olson, who is currently hospitalized in the United States.

In an emotional post, Lotlot shared the poignant story of her relationship with her biological parent, whom she did not grow up with.

Alongside old photos of her father, she recounted their history, from her birth to their eventual reunion.

In her Father’s Day post, Lotlot wrote, “He was there at the hospital when I was born. He knew he had a daughter. But he had other responsibilities already. He kept me a secret for a very long time.”

Lotlot shared that her father kept up with her life through pictures sent by a friend in the Philippines. This continued until Lotlot had children of her own.

“He had a very good friend from the Philippines who knew all of these, his story. His friend sent him pictures of me while I was growing up till even the time I had children of my own,” De Leon shared. 

Throughout her life, the actress said she chose to plant seeds of understanding and love in her heart, despite the many questions she had.

“There was a lot of questions on my part. Instead I found myself understanding. Love for his family was top priority,” she wrote.

“I guess the timing was right when I met him because I already really knew about the true meaning of love. Respect was what he earned from me. I understood.  And it’s okay. It still boils down to love,” she added.

In her final message, she greeted her father with a Happy Father’s Day, “I will always celebrate you, Papa. 🤍 Happy Father’s Day. ♥️ ”

She concluded her post with a request for support from the public, revealing her father’s health condition, “He’s at the hospital now. Please say a little prayer for him. I’ll visit you soonest, papa.”

It can be recalled that Lotlot reunited with her biological parent, Donald last March 2023.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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