Sandara Park’s emotional reunion with Pinay elementary teacher touches netizens’ hearts


K-pop sensation Sandara Park was overcome with emotion as she reunited with her former Grade 6 adviser during a visit to her alma mater in Pasay City.

In her latest YouTube upload, Sandara brought along her fellow 2NE1 member, Minzy, to her hometown in Pasay as part of her “Dara Tour” vlog.

The duo visited Pasay Chung Hua Academy, where Sandara once studied.

Despite her frequent visits to the country, she shared that it was her first time returning to the academy. The idol reminisced about her school days and shared her humble beginnings.

“It’s strange. Even though I visit the Philippines often, I never thought to visit this neighborhood or my old school,” Sandara expressed. “When I visit my old neighborhood, it’s nice because I miss it, but I become all sentimental.”

During their visit, the unexpected happened when they entered a classroom and encountered Sandara’s Grade 6 adviser from 20 years ago. Overwhelmed with joy, Sandara immediately embraced her former teacher, who was equally surprised and delighted to see her.

“Nice to see you! I was your adviser, remember? I was her teacher and her adviser. I was her adviser when she was in Grade 6,” her former teacher greeted.

The teacher fondly recalled Sandara’s quiet demeanor during her school days, mentioning how she rarely participated in class discussions and often relied on her friends to speak on her behalf.

“She was really very, very quiet,” she described Dara.

However, they never anticipated that she would blossom into the confident and successful individual she is today.

“We didn’t know she would become like this. Open up and bloom. Very pretty young lady and a confident lady. She has also kept her values, she is a very fine lady,” the teacher remarked, expressing pride in her accomplishments and fluency in Tagalog.

Sandara shared that she had thought her former teachers wouldn’t be in the school anymore, and expressed surprise upon seeing her.

“I thought my teachers weren’t here anymore, but you are here,” she told her adviser.

The teacher responded, “I think I am the last one. I have been here for 39 years. So I remember her, very very well, and her brother (former member of K-pop boy band MBLAQ Thunder) also. He was here.”

Sandara expressed her gratitude towards her teacher, acknowledging the important role she played in nurturing her interests in choir and performance, and for never giving up on her.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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