‘Why would I do that?’: Dasuri Choi denies being third party in Mavy-Kyline breakup 


Dasuri Choi finally spoke up against allegations that she caused the breakup of Tahanang Pinakamasaya co-host Mavy Legaspi with his ex-girlfriend Kyline Alcantara.

It was late last year when Dasuri got romantically linked to Mavy after netizens started speculating over photos of them being spotted together.

“I’m officially saying that I’m not the third party,” stated Dasuri in her recent mukbang vlog where she reacted to criticisms thrown against her, including third-party allegations.  

“I will never try to be the third party in my life because I didn’t grow up like that. Because I was raised by my parents na super super bait,” Dasuri stated in her vlog. 

She added, “Wala talagang mangyayari sa akin na magiging third party. But for the issue naman, I want to make it clear because I never had the chance to talk about it.”

Dasuri further clarified that the photos of her together with Mavy which sparked the dating rumors online were captured during the soft opening of their Tahanang Pinakamasaya producer’s restaurant where their other noontime show co-hosts were also invited. 

“We went there with not only four of us,” Dasuri said, mentioning their other co-hosts including kuya Paolo Contis Winwyn Marquez, Arra San Agustin and Yasser Mata.

“We were together, the four of us, and nandito yung iba because we were late,” Dasuri further explained, saying she did not expect it would stir up rumors.

“Hindi ko alam na magiging big deal pala yun so I didn’t react at first, pero naging big pala ang issue na yun kasi ako raw yung third party. Parang ang sinasabi pa may ka-double date pa raw ako.”

Dasuri further stressed she would not do something that would shame her family. 

“Why would I do that? Close kaming lahat. Wala akong pake, as long as I’m doing right, and hindi ako nahihiya sa parents and family ko.”


Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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