Carmina Villarroel shares tearful birthday wishes to twins Mavy, Cassy Legaspi: ‘I would do everything and anything para sa inyong dalawa’


In a heartwarming celebration on the GMA talk show “Sarap, ‘Di Ba?”, Mavy and Cassy Legaspi marked their birthday with a special episode hosted by their mother, Carmina Villarroel.

Carmina took a poignant moment to express her heartfelt wishes for Mavy and Cassy who turned 23 last Saturday, Jan. 6.

“Ang wish ko lang talaga is to have inner peace and inner joy,” Carmina shared during the emotional moment.

The Kapuso actress also took the opportunity to address recent rumors surrounding Mavy’s alleged split with his girlfriend, Kyline Alcantara, and expressed her relief that her son is back and clarified her stance on the matter.

“I’m trying to be careful kasi baka lagyan ng ibig sabihin ang mga sasabihin ko. I don’t want to overthink. Tatay and I are just happy that you’re back,” Carmina said.

In response to speculations about her involvement in Mavy’s personal life, Carmina addressed the issue head-on, stating, “You know that I’ve been quiet for the past… how many years? Hindi ko alam kung bakit sinasabi nilang nangingialam ako. But I don’t care because I am your mother.”

She continued, “Kung nakialam ako, hindi mangyayari ito. So, it only means na hindi ako nakialam. So that’s why I’m so thankful because… that you’re back.”

Carmina emphasized her unwavering support and love for both Mavy and Cassy.

“I want you to know, the two of you, that I would do everything and anything para sa inyong dalawa… Hindi ko lang kayang pumatay! But I would really defend you sa abot ng makakaya ko,” the actress expressed her motherly love for her twins.

“Tatandaan n’yo lang, nandito kami ni Tatay para sa inyo. We always want what’s best for you; we’re not your adversaries in life, but your allies,” she added.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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