Officially dating?: Kyline Alcantara and Kobe Paras spotted HHWW 


By: Rie Realingo

Are Kyline Alcantara and Kobe Paras finally confirming their romance?

After being linked with one another for a while,the two further fueled their relationship speculations after being seen in public together, holding hands.

In a recently posted Facebook video by a netizen, Kyline and Kobe were clearly seen walking side-by-side holding each other’s hands, walking away from the scene, going towards the parking area. 

“Totoo ang chismis, but it’s none of your business,” the video uploader implied as they used Chismis by Ex Battalion as the reel’s soundbite.

“[T]anggi p[a] mor[e],” one netizen said.

“Deserve mo ‘yan girl,” another commented.

The dating rumors of the two first sparked when netizens noticed that their Instagram posts seemed to be taken in the same location. This prompted netizens to look closely with their life updates together.

This was followed by a seemingly random “soft-launch” when Kobe reposted the actress’ photo in his Instagram story. 

Although, in a recent statement, Kyline mentioned that she is not really looking forward to having a new relationship yet. Since she is more keen on knowing herself more first. 

When asked if she was entertaining someone, she just responded with, “Meron po ba? Bahala na lang po muna si God,” she said in an interview with GMA News. 

It seems like the two are taking things slow, yet not afraid to show the public that they are easily getting to know each other.

After all, Kylie and Kobe have not officially confirmed anything yet regarding their relationship status.

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