Maggie Wilson says her mom got arrested for ‘carnapping’ despite having no driver’s license


Maggie Wilson revealed that her 64-year-old mother, who has no driver’s license and doesn’t know how to drive a car, got arrested for carnapping. 

The TV personality and entrepreneur took to her Instagram stories to share that the police came to arrest her mom on Wednesday morning. 

“My 64-year-old mother was arrested this morning for carnapping. She doesn’t have a license, let alone knows how to drive,” wrote Maggie, alongside a hashtag #OnlyInThePhilippines. 

“My mother has looked after OUR son and YOU through thick and thin. You’ve hit a new low,” Maggie said in a separate Instagram story, pertaining to an unnamed person. Supporters presumed that she was referring to her estranged husband, businessman Victor Consunji, whom she has been publicly feuding with.

Maggie went on to say that she’s been documenting everything in detail as she claimed the “government wouldn’t listen, and the justice system wouldn’t listen.”

The embattled former beauty queen has been voicing out the challenges she’s been braving while facing adultery charges Consuji filed against her and rumored boyfriend Tim Connor.

Posting a photo of her with her mom, Maggie recalled the situation she went through after her separation from her estranged husband. 

“He pledged to give me a monthly stipend of PHP20,000 in late 2021 for my basic needs. I have not received a single peso, nor have I followed up or asked for any of it,” said Maggie in an Instagram post.  

The TV host added that she was the one who settled the unpaid bills of the house she moved into when she was in Manila.

“I’ve even asked several times for the bank account details to pay for the ‘rent’, but they wouldn’t give them to me.

“He has been using borrowed money from investors to try and get me instead of paying what he owes to his suppliers, brokers, taxes, credit lines from banks, and others.”

Maggie alleged that she’s been receiving calls and messages “every single day from people chasing debt.” 

“If you think for a moment that this is about me extracting money from him, it’s quite the opposite.

“For legal reasons, this is not about who you think it is. The sky is green, and unicorns exist,” said Maggie.

Maggie recently exposed and condemned the alleged smear campaign organized by TikTok content creators allegedy paid to malign her and her lifestyle company ACASA MNL.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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