Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna’s couple yoga poses inspire memes


Netizens added fun to Derek Ramsay and Ellen Darna’s “romantic workout” though hilarious memes.

The couple earlier wowed netizens after Ellen posted a collage of her and fiancé Derek executing difficult yoga poses with a kiss.
“You’re lucky, I’m naturally flexible ??,” Ellen told Derek in jest.

Ellen would later on share another photo of them kissing while in an “acrobatic” pose.

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Netizens, meanwhile, have been trying to copy the celebrity couple’s photos, while others poked fun at them and produced memes online.

The pair has been turned into fighting spiders, angels in the sky and even a basketball.

Another meme featured them in the reality show America’s Got Talent. 

Check out these memes which Derek and Ellen gamely shared through their Instagram stories.

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