Mimiyuuuh releases ‘extended version’ of controversial love advice on dating ‘broke’ people


Social media star Mimiyuuuh clarified her relationship advice on not dating people with no money after it sent the internet abuzz.

In an exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan, Mimiyuuuh entertained questions about love and life from her fans, including a question from an anonymous sender asking for advice on how to approach their former lover who owes them a huge sum of debt. 

“Unang una sa lahat, bakit naman kayo magjojowa ng walang pera? Diyan ka nagkamali e, nagjowa ka ng walang pera,” Mimiyuuuh responded.

“Iyan ang aking lesson learned, never ever date someone na walang pera,” she added.

Her advice drew flak from netizens which drove the Youtuber to release an “extended version” of her advice, clarifying it in a more in-depth manner. 

Mimiyuuuh clarified that she was not implying that only those who are extremely wealthy are the only ones who are ideal to be in a relationship with. 

“Magdate kayo ng someone na may drive, magdate kayo ng someone na kayang dalhin ang sarili. ‘Yung hindi mangungutang at aasa sa inyo. ‘Yun lang po ‘yun, period,” she said in a video uploaded on her official Twitter account.

Mimiyuuuh expressed sadness after netizens started calling her “matapobre” over her advice and reiterated that she also came from a humble background.

“Galing po ako sa hirap, opo. Pero nakipagdate po ba ako ng wala akong pera? Hindi po. Alam ko po kasi ‘yung priority ko during that time. Priority ko pong ayusin ang buhay ko, priority ko po ang family ko, priority ko ang career ko po, opo. At priority ko pong gawing buo ang sarili ko bago po ako magdagdag ng ibang tao sa buhay ko,” she added.

She stressed that relationships are also responsibilities, and that they should prioritize themselves first before finding a significant other. 

“Relationships po are responsibilities. Kaya po ang akin lang, complete yourself first. Make yourself whole tapos maghanap ka rin ng someone na whole kasi ‘yun ‘yung deserve mo,” Mimiyuuuh said, adding that people should not be responsible to fulfill others’ shortcomings.

“Dapat po hindi natin binabababaan yung standards natin, hindi lang po para sa mga jowa, pati na rin po sa sarili natin dapat po parating alam natin ‘yung worth natin opo dapat alam mo kung ano ang deserve mo,” she advised.

“At the end of the day, buhay mo naman yan ‘e, sige mag-date ka ng mga broke na tao, opo, tapos kainin niyo ‘yung word of affirmation niyo, kimmy!,” Mimiyuuuh jested before ending her video. 

Mimiyuuuh gained popularity as a Youtuber after her wacky rendition of “Dalagang Pilipina” went viral and went on to become a successful social media personality with more than four million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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