Mimiyuuuh is now a rapper!


It looks like our Dalagang Pilipina Mimiyuuuh can do it all! From vlogging to rapping, one of internet’s favorite comedians is always going the extra mile to entertain fans. 

The internet sensation recently released the music video for debut song DYWB (Drink Your Water Bitch). The rap song features Mimiyuuuh’s iconic expression that reminds fans to stay hydrated. 

In the music video, the vlogger donned outfits with even more unique materials like trash bags. 

Of course, Mimiyuuuh didn’t forget to include the iconic “Lucky Star” closet in the music video. 

Watch DYWB here:

Mimiyuuuh recently joined Kean Cipriano’s record label O/C Records on September 25. 

“Mimiyuuuh is unstoppable and her music is here and ready to spread more of her magic,” O/C Records wrote in their statement. 


Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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