Moira dela Torre hopes for ‘capacity to embrace a love that is faithful’


Moira dela Torre is looking to “emerge stronger than ever” as she finally addressed cheating and ghostwriting allegations, saying she felt the need to “stand up for myself and protect my integrity”. 

In an official statement released on Tuesday, Moira expressed heartbreak over having to explain her decision to leave her marriage with former husband Jason Hernandez and “justify the state of my mental health”. 

“It is truly disheartening that I am being questioned and asked to prove my worth as a songwriter and artist,” said Moira.

Moira decided to speak up following a series of allegations made by songwriter Lolito Go against the “Paubaya” singer, including one where he claimed she asked him to be her ghostwriter for her songs. 

“When I told her my price, tinawaran nya ako for 20 per month. I felt so insulted. But I just kept that to myself,” read a part of Go’s lengthy Facebook post that went viral on social media.

“When I finally had enough May last year, I blocked her in FB and messenger complete with a long breakup letter,” she added. 

Debunking Go’s claims, Moira stated she never employed a ghostwriter throughout her career, saying she has collaborated with “immensely talented artists who treat each other with respect and acknowledge the contributions we all bring to the table”. 

She added, “Every song I have created is a true reflection of my deepest emotions and experiences. I am fully prepared to provide evidence that supports this truth, including screenshots of conversations and recording of my songs, which will undoubtedly validate and disprove the harmful accusations made against me”. 

Moira also refuted Go’s remark of her alleged infidelity to Jason who previously admitted he was unfaithful during their marriage. 

“Yes, nagkasala sya. Pero walang third party on Jason’s side. He never fell in love with anyone else. His only sin was he listened to the call of flesh and availed of illicit massage service because Moira couldn’t fulfill his sexual needs,” said Go.

“And even before Jason confessed to his sin, Moira already wanted out. Dahil nakahanap na rin sya ng pamalit. Someone who will ‘dance in the rain’ with her and call her ‘Binibini.’ I’ll leave it to you to guess sino ang tinutukoy ko,” he continued. 

At the moment, Moira said she is focused on the “path towards healing, as the weight of trauma still lingers heavily in my heart”. 

“This process is not only essential for my own well-being but also for the well-being of those dear to me who have unwaveringly stood by my side throughout these challenging times – my loving family, my dedicated band, my friends, who have all been my source of emotional support. Their presence has been my anchor, grounding me during these turbulent moments,” she added.

She concluded, “I hold onto hope that, one day, when the dust settles and clarity is restored, I will have the capacity to embrace a love that is faithful and genuine. I take solace in the knowledge that I am Moira-an artist-who will bravely navigate these challenges and emerge stronger than ever”. 

Jason, meanwhile, earlier shared his several attempts of getting back with Moira following their separation last year, after the latter’s sister criticized his newly-released song that featured his wedding clips with Moira in the music video.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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