Jason Hernandez says he knelt and pleaded for Moira dela Torre to take him back


Jason Hernandez countered the claims of wife Moira Dela Torre’s sister J’mee about him supposedly not making an effort to woo the singer back. 

This after J’mee called out Jason for alluding to Moira in his newly-released song titled “Ikaw Pa Rin”.

“Nakakatawa ung buong song, especially ung part na ‘naghihintay parin hanggang ngayon sa ikaw at ako.’ kasi parang sa buong year never ka naman nag-effort sa ate ko??? never ka din nag-effort sa family namin before and after kayo naghiwalay. like ????,” read J’mee’s now-deleted tweet. 

J’mee continued to air her frustration over Jason allegedly trying to “manipulate people into thinking that you still love and miss her?”

“Naiirita lang ako kasi ang layo talaga ng mga pinagsasabi mo sa lyrics ng kanta mo,” said J’mee. 

J’mee also lambasted Jason for including clips from his and Moira’s wedding, concerts together, without the songstress’ permission. 

“Tapos ginamit pa yung video clips from the wedding, concerts and the tagpuan mv–WITHOUT my ate’s permission? lmao. forda clout chasing [you’re] getting too desperate and it’s kinda funny lol,” wrote J’mee. 

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Jason shared that he let J’mee listen to the song last year before its release. 

“I was caught off guard when you posted your tweets because one, I showed you this song last year July already so I don’t get why you’re surprised with the lyrics.

Jason opposed J’mee’s remarks saying he gave his all to try to get Moira back following their separation last year. 

“I visited May, August, October, and December to give gifts for Christmas.

“I promised you I’d still be your kuya no matter what. But when your mom expressed that Moi didn’t want me hanging out with you guys, I respected that that’s why I stopped visiting.”

The singer-songwriter also mentioned his attempts of getting back with Moira, how he knelt and pleaded only to be chased away by her. 

“Third, “buong year ‘di ka nag-effort sa ate ko’?”, how can you be so sure? You didn’t see kung paano ako lumuhod at umiyak so she would take me back (ate lea and chai saw), you didn’t see kung paano siya nagbasag ng baso to shut me up, you didn’t see kung paano siya galit na galit noong nagpadala ako ng food sa kanya cause I thought she was sick and how she told me to never go near her again,” wrote Jason.

“You don’t know how I would wait outside the condo para ma-timingan lang siya kausapin.

“I’ve been good to you and your family and I’m sorry if you were fed false/exaggerated/filtered details, but I gave my all to try to get her back,” he added.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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