Karen Davila showcases her son David’s art exhibit 


Karen Davila is one proud mom as she showed off her son David’s milestone – his first-ever art exhibit.  

The veteran broadcaster took to social media to share the art her and her husband DJ Sta. Ana’s son made for a good cause. 

“It makes me so proud to share David’s journey & his accomplishments because I know it will inspire other mothers with gifted and special kids to believe, commit & invest in developing their child!” she wrote in the caption.  

In one post she shared, she featured a handful of David and his classmate’s pieces for their special visual arts course.  

“For all of you who know David’s journey – you know how powerful a testimony this is of God’s grace and goodness,” she said.  

Back in May, Karen featured another big moment for her son when he cast his vote for the first time.  

“As a mom of a special child, it makes me SO GRATEFUL and HAPPY that David is aware, concerned and very present in the moment,” she said in a past social media post.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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